What is WISE-PaaS/Dashboard

Timely business insights for anyone, any time.

In seconds, just simply drag and drop to discover valuable trends and insights with a user-friendly interface to interact with your data via resourceful visualization formats.

Easily combine data from multiple sources to gain perspective and derive actionable insights.

Equipped with common third-party graphics libraries, diversified displays, and abundant plug-in libraries, WISE-PaaS/Dashboard unlocks data-driven productivity.


Why WISE-PaaS/Dashboard

Efficient Data Visualization

Provides a variety of beautiful panels and industry-specific plugins for building a wide range of dashboards.

Fast & Reproducible Solutions

Flexible configuration without development. The solutions can be copied to other customers instantly.

Rapid Data Integration

Integrates WISE-PaaS platform services and data connections. Also synergizes WISE-PaaS/SaaS Composer.

Plugin Development Ecology

Shares WISE-PaaS team, SRP Team, and Co-Creation partners'  plugins.


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